Brian Faul has studied handwriting analyses since 1997.He first qualified as A certified Handwriting Analyst in 2001 under the guidance of the widely respected teacher Dr Erica Karohs. The school he qualified at is Karohs International School of Handwriting .He underwent another certification program with Handwriting International and was certified in 2002.Over the years Brian has been actively engaged in Handwriting analyses.He has appeared in local press and on national radio stations.Over the years he has consulted extensively  with numerous companies such as Liberty Life,Rand Water Board,Prodyn, legalwise,Unilever,Unifoods SAB,Link,Telkom,AT@T,SAA,SABC. Brian has delivered successful motivational talks using handwriting analyses as a basis to numerous companies organisations,and schools especially to learners from disadvantaged backgrounds about to embark on life after school.Brian completed two Doctoral Degree programs from The Indian Board of Alternative medicine and obtained qualifications in Alternative healing Methodology and Psychotherapy.For many years Brian was involved in the corporate training sector managing a venue specialising in corporate events and training..Brian spent two years in a remote village in a country to the East of Africa Mozambique.During this time he had the opportunity to interact with the local African population.It is in Mozambique that Brian managed to show local and international visitors that by using Handwriting Analyses it is possible to overcome many communication obstacles due to language barriers.

Brian is available to talk at your event,and showcase the knowledge and power of the written word as it relates to our psyche.

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