Handwriting Analysis is a scientific system of mapping personality and assisting in predicting behavior and assisting in deep core transformation using natural holistic methods.

There are different theories related to this science, depending on which book you read or which author’s specific interpretations one believes. Just like with medicine, the science evolves and improves with each passing year. Handwriting University International is founded by world renowned author speaker and handwriting expert Bart Baggett.

Handwriting University International offers courses and training to assist the individual in mastering this system of personality mapping and personal transformation. Most courses focus on the character and psychological makeup of individuals through their handwriting. Many courses are for professional working counselors, human resource consultants, coaches, and people who help other people transform their lives for the better.

The focus of this website is to connect South African students or professionals to the resources offered by Handwriting University International.

The headquarters of Handwriting University International is based in The United States of America. Most courses are sold in US dollars.  However, through the relationship with the Authorized Mentors listed on this site, you can purchase the exact same material and pay in South African Rand.  This personal relationship could equate to a significant savings for the South African consumer.

This in essence to provide learners throughout Africa the opportunity to study at local currency rates.This does not apply to international students. We welcome international students who are willing to pay in US dollars.  South African residents automatically qualify for special discounts.

The programs and courses are of world class standard and have been developed over many years. The courses and training are for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding into the field of Handwriting Analyses. Handwriting University.za  is a website and not representing itself to be an accredited institution.  This website is not affiliated with any local South African academic body. This website connects local students to the USA based courses in local currency. The courses have been specifically designed to take self learning and expression to a deeper level. The purpose therefore is not to obtain academic credits or recognized local qualifications. There are a now schools and few Authorized Trainers in South Africa that  offer these courses.